Tailor-Made Solution For Home Appliance & Electronics Servicer

Intelligent Scheduling
System automatically recommends and shows available technicians
and time slot based on pre-defined technician’s availability and work zone setting.
Convenient Repair Status Tracking
Search and Track the status of any repair any time in
just seconds using various search condition such as reference number, warranty ticket
number, customer name, phone number, zip code, branch, source, and/or technician.
Work orders with optimal routes
The technician is provided with the current day’s
work orders which are logistically organized into a route that is constructed and Displayed
utilizing Google Maps.
Seamless inventory and return tracking
Each part is seamlessly tracked and managed on one screen as it is ordered, received, used, and/or returned
to minimize your parts loss.
Automatic Parts Search
System automatically search parts by model and description through Smart Link’s integrated parts Data base.
Accurate Invoicing Management
Users can view an automatically compiled list of invoices that needs to be sent for processing and payment by manufacturers,
extended warranty providers, and COD customers. Warranty claim and status follow-up is easy through Smart Link Auto Billing.
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